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All That 

Atlanteans I: Echoes

Acrylic, 16", edition of 300

"Risen from Atlantis, he speaks of other worlds."

Atlanteans II: Sirens

Acrylic, 16", edition of 300

"Sirens beckon her forth, not to rocks and shoals of ruin, but to light and discovery."

Atlanteans III: Odyssey

Acrylic, 18", edition of 300

"The sirens urge her onward to seek her icon of truth."

Atlanteans IV: Discovery

Acrylic, 20", edition of 300

"Soul to soul, woman and goddess gaze upon each other. The seeker has glimpsed Atlantis.

Crystal Fire:

Acrylic, 17 1/2" high, Edition of 900, © 2000 MNW

" Crystal Fire ...symbol of passion and lasting love, reveals its source: man and woman"

Dream Fragment I

Acrylic, 18", edition of 300

"Two wings of a single spirit, man and woman take flight."

Crystal Vision:

Acrylic, 22" high, Edition of 500, © 2000 MNW

" To step back, to gaze into the soul of your lover -- and thereby see your future. "

Dream Fragment II

Acrylic, 21", edition of 300

"From the depth of his reflection she emerges, the embodiment of his innermost self."

Dream Fragment III

Acrylic, 16", edition of 300

"The dreamer awakens to find the promise of his dream made real.

Early Light:

Acrylic, 7 3/4" high, Edition of 911, © 2002 MNW

" Stars faintly shimmer -- her wind-rippled hair billows in the brightening, awakening dawn.