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Misha Frid

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Moscow-born Misha Frid took a mighty sink-or-swim plunge in 1973 when at the age of 35, he renounced security and professional distinction in the Soviet Union to immigrate with his wife Galina and their young family to the United Sates where he was unknown. In the USSR Frid, a graduate of Moscow State Art College and Moscow State University of Fine Arts, was employed exclusively by the government producing what he was told, when he was told. He was named an Honorable Fellow of Sculptors Society of Moscow and when he left the country, which denied him the right to take out any pieces. He would have to start over again. But his exceptional talent and superb classical training gave him an edge. In Albuquerque, where his family settled briefly and later in Los Angeles, he commenced his climb toward North American recognition. In Los Angeles and New York, he worked with the renowned Art Deco exponent Erte, during the artist's last years learning from the master, but also finding his own way. Misha's artistic expression, once strictly controlled in the USSR, now flourished in an open society. He began to combine the classical tradition of literal, beautifully formed figured based on ballet, music, mythology, with the sweep of independent thought that flooded his intellect. Fluidity and elegance were constant, but he was reaching beyond the old, safe boundaries. There was deepening sensuality and soul. Frid and his family now live in Toronto. He works out of studios in Toronto and New York. He has exhibited in major North American cities as well as internationally in London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Seoul. He is represented in fine galleries throughout the world. Misha has been named a fellow of the Sculptors Society of Canada and his Lady of the Lily graces a Toronto streetscape.